Luxe sweatshirt : floral pants & sweatshirt plus statement necklace

All right guys, this will be my last post until I get back from my vacation. I’m fleeing the clutches of winter for a more tropical setting-THAILAND! I will miss you all but be patient I will be back with more style before you know it ^_^
This outfit is one of my favorite as it is so comfortable, yet polished. Don’t we all love sweatshirts? They were once only allowed to be worn when you’re lounging at home or when you’re at the gym. Not any more-pairing these bad boys with put-together pieces like patterned pants or midi skirts then just add a statement necklace, and you’re done! Yes, you can go to work in a sweatshirt……I did!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving and eat some turkey for me!! See you soon ^_^
Stay chic and be unique!


Puppy love: Kickapoo & casual outfit

Let me introduce you guys to our 6-year old pickapoo named ‘Kickapoo’. He is our only child, and yes he is spoiled. I guess you can tell that he is pretty professional when it comes to a photo shoot. I love taking pictures of him till he gets sleepy and passes out…lazy boy. ^_^ Have a great Tuesday everybody! 
(For a red orange lipstick, I mixed Stila long wear liquid lip color in Fiery and Cat Von D Painted Love Lipstick in A-Go-Go.)
Stay chic and be unique!


Tartan in business : tartan pants & blazer

I dressed up these plaid pants with a blazer and pumps-but kept the rock & roll vibe of this pattern’s nature by popping the collar. I still feel like I can walk into the meeting with this outfit which I LOVE (pushing boundaries people!).  I’m glad I listened to my husband to get these pants (plaid is his kryptonite ^^). They are so comfortable and super soft. I also styled another casual outfit with these tartan pants which I will post later. Hope you like it!!
Stay chic and be unique!


Black and blue : Laser cut dress & cobalt sweater

The post title might give the wrong impression- but hopefully my outfit represents that being black & blue can be something positive.  If you guys still remember, I posted an outfit about different shades of blue before (Different shades of blue). Once again I incorporated cobalt into the outfit, but this time I used a sweater and pumps to brighten up the dress (last seen on Edgy sweet symphony).  I really like that this has a very classic silhouette, but with just a pinch of edge…
Stay chic and be unique!

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