Zara Overcoat & Ivanka Trump Over The Knee Boots

Hi everyone ^_^
Last week the temperature dropped here in Texas (for like two minutes,) so this was an easy and comfortable outfit suitable for the upper 50's. The coat is old. I purchased it over 3 years ago from Zara; but what I really want to talk about are, these boots!! I recently bought these Ivanka Trump over-the-knee boots from Nordstrom during a sale. If you are petite (or what I call, a "fun-size" at 5'2) like me, it is really difficult to find the traditional 'over the knee' boots, as they inadvertently go up to your mid thigh. These boots are simply ideal for petites as they go just a bit past your knee, and they are super soft and comfy.

I also love that the heel is only 1 1/4" so you can walk on them all day long without pain. I tried on the 'Lowland' boots from Stuart Weitzman (to see what all the hype is about,) and unfortunately they did not look good on me. Since their boot shaft is 23 1/2" compared to the Ivanka, which has a considerably shorter shaft at 19 1/2". The effect was that it shortened my legs, instead of giving them that mile-long look I was after.  However I must say that the boot itself was silky-soft, and by all means if you have mile-long legs, go for it!

Although I was initially disappointed at not bringing home the famous OTK Stuart Weitzman closet staple, it took just one wear and these grey suede boots turned me into a believer, (BTW my husband actually pushed me to get them.) For me, it is not all about brand names, if something does not look good on me, I do not care what brand it is--I will not buy them. Hey, this is not a blacklist moment ladies, I might try other heels from Stuart Weitzman in the future, as people always say; you never know unless you try! ;)


Shades of Green: Neon Green top & Teal Midi Skirt

This week has mercifully gone by quite fast (I'm glad), hope you all are having a great week so far! Today's outfit is all about colors (in the same hue and different scheme). I love color however I  am always attracted to darker color and neutral clothes whenever it comes to shopping (old habit). I try to do better, and here I am wearing a neon green color blouse with red lipstick (why not). Do whatever makes you feel good, life is too short!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead ^_^ 

Click on labels below to see how I restyle each piece.


70's Vibe: Silky Long Sleeve Blouse & Denim Skirt

Hello there! 70's inspiration has been infused into fashion this year and trend continues into fall. I'm personally not overly fond of clothes in this era--however I can get behind this A-line denim skirt (which certainly reminds me of this period); it is quite versatile and you can dress-it-up or down with anything. I wanted to play on the 70's feel so I styled the skirt with this taupe blouse and accessorized with these retro sunglasses and a vintage ring. To keep it current, I opted for leopard pumps instead of platform sandals. Hope you all have a great rest of the week! ^_~ 


Summer Charm: Full Midi Skirt & Pink Gingham Shirt

Hi everyone!! If you haven't noticed, my outfit posts have been featuring quite a bit of gingham currently; (here, here,and here). I did not think much about this design until recently, but now I am like--how could I have overlooked this? This pattern (in any color) is fun and versatile. Lately button-downs are just speaking to me, and I am loving what they have to say ^_~                                                                  Have a great day!


Polka Dots & Sunshine: Polka Dot Blouse & Polka Dot Shorts + Straw Oxfords

Today's outfit post is all about black & white in the summertime (who says you cannot wear dark colors during the extreme heat right...LOL). I've been into pattern on pattern outfits lately (latest post, HERE and via Instagram, HERE). You can definitely pair a top & bottom with the same pattern, go for different patterns within a similar color scheme; or just play around with it and see whatever floats your boat ^_^ Did you all realize that fall is right around the corner (3 months really is not that far away)? I flipped through quite a few magazines lately and saw all these designer's fall collections and I'm so excited (I just love that time of the year), how about you?


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