Burgundy Autumn : Plaid shirt + burgundy sweater + striped skirt

I love this unexpected pairing of plaid and stripes. It looks so fresh and urban chic with a layer of burgundy sweater accentuated by the gold metal buttons on the shoulder. I am currently in love with these Macy’s brands (INC and Style & Co.) pumps as they are so comfortable and do their job at making my legs look an inch longer. You cannot beat affordable price plus comfort, right? I had knee surgery five years ago, but my knees have never been the same since, so I had to find shoes that would not hurt my knee instantly ( I’m sure they will eventually, but I do not wear heels every day though. I love them and cannot help it). Believe it or not, good heels with a bit of support/cushion are better than those flat flats with no support.  

Stay chic and be unique!


First day of fall: Camouflage jacket & chambray shirt

I was so excited waking up last Saturday because mother -nature has granted my wish for cool weather. It felt so much like fall for just a couple of hours in the morning. I couldn’t complain- with pleasant weather, and a cup of pumpkin spice latte, the photo shoot was smooth. I love this jacket so much. You can throw it on anything to dress up or dress down. Hope you all are enjoying your week so far!


Fall shorts : Leopard print & stripes

When the weather gets cooler but not quite cold, you can get away with wearing shorts (when paired with thicker fabrics). I tend to get cold easily, but as long as the top part of my body is covered (long sleeves or with jacket on) I’ll be okay.  I love everything about fall; falling leaves, baked apple or pumpkin pie, the vague hint of cold on the air, and of course layering outfits. It’s finally below 100 degrees here in Texas.

What about you, ready for fall?


Jet setter : Floral pants & moto jacket

I do not fly often. I have been back home (Thailand) four times since I got here in 2003. My husband and I are so excited because we started planning a trip to Thailand years ago-and finally we are going to visit my family in November. He has never met my family in person, but they met through Skype/video chat. Lucky for me, my husband will accompany me this time. Travelling (especially internationally) alone is not fun at all. Anyway, this location made me think of a runway, and it looks like I’m boarding a private plane which inspired me for the post title. I wore darker color floral prints and paired them with this biker jacket to suit fall/winter weather.  Hope you like it.
Stay chic and be unique!


Sweet peplum : Peplum top & striped tube skirt

I love how this outfit looks put together, yet felt comfortable at the same time. Peplum is every girl’s best friend, not only known for being figure flattering but also versatile.  It can be paired with cool pieces to create edgy, or lady-like looks. You will definitely see me do a remix & rematch on this gorgeous top again.

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