RED WHITE & BLUE: Maxi skirt, white tank & Fedora hat

Who says you need to be 5'10 in order to wear a maxi skirt! I absolutely adore this length because it allows you to remain functional while still feeling beautiful. Unlike most skirts that require constant-checking, adjusting, and worry, a long skirt is effortless bliss.

I wore this outfit to work and was astonished by how warm I was all day, with only a tank top. Normally the air conditioner feels like it is set to 40 below, so it was a very pleasant surprise. Oh, and don't let me forget to mention how graciously this skirt flows when I walk. I'm certain this is how women must have felt years ago when beautiful dresses were normal attire and not just pulled out for special occasions. The deep royal blue color is amazing. By far, this is definitely one of the more simple outfits I have put together...but it is fast becoming one of my favorites!
PS. Blue Pleated Maxi Skirt from Chicwish


Urban Jungle: Draped Pants & Wedges

I’m glad it’s Wednesday, because that means we are half way to a long holiday weekend! I love the color of this top paired with this wild print on the pants, as it depicts a functional edge. (BTW-This entire outfit consists of pieces I have had in my closet for some time…thank goodness for spring cleaning ^_~). Hope everyone has a great rest of the week and wonderful weekend!
(You can also see Too Legit Too Quit for another draped pants outfit).



Bumble bee: Black & White Striped Blouse + Yellow Skirt

This was an “emergency office look” I just threw a statement necklace onto…that by the end of the day I was actually really happy with. I would normally avoid combinations that invoke images of a toddler’s first Halloween-but there is something subtly chic about this look! It just goes to show you, do not presume, try things out, do not be afraid of failure-you never know what will strike your eye. You may even end up with a new outfit that is no longer just an “I need to get to work in 15 minutes!” look ~_^


Colors: Neon coral sweater & Floral pants

Just a quick hi to everyone! Hope you have a great week, and weekend. These are my favorite pants (you can click on labels to see these pants in my previous posts)-I love the floral patterns and the vibrant color. Choosing one of the colors from the pants to unify the look, I paired them with my coral neon sweater.

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