Lilac: Pastel Crop Top & Crisp Shirt

Happy Wednesday everyone! One of spring's biggest trends I adore is the crop top. Generally this look is reserved for people who have “That” attitude and an insanely great midriff …unfortunately I have neither. So I opted to layer my lace crop top over a button down shirt. I paired these tops with light wash jeans and sandals and accessorized them with a statement necklace for spring-like temperatures (then…of course it got windy and colder when we were trying to get these shots). Enjoy the rest of your week.


Taupe: Layered taupe sweater + Jeans + taupe pumps

Happy Wednesday!! Hope everyone is having a great week so far. Spring is getting closer and closer so our days of layering are coming to an end.  Before you know, it will be time to put away sweaters and jackets...but don’t be sad, that just means shorts and sandals are just around the corner ^_^


V-Day date outfit Part II: Lace mini dress & Moto Jacket

For this look, I paired a lace mini dress, with moto jacket (adding a pearl necklace) for a sweet and romantic outfit with edge. The red color from lipstick, nail polish, and pumps adds just the right amount of Valentines theme-perfect for the lovable day. For Valentine’s Day, my husband and I prefer to stay in. As you all know-every restaurant in town will be booked and SO crowded. We do stuff together and have date night all the time, and besides he makes every day a Valentine’s Day for me (honey, I really appreciate you ^^). Hope everyone has a great day and a wonderful weekend. Remember to express how you feel to your loved ones, and others, not just on special occasions! Live, love and laugh just like every day is your last.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!


V-Day Date Outfit Part I: Simple blouse & leather pants

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner-so I would like to dedicate this week’s outfit post to this special occasion. I went with a black and white ensemble, and just a touch of red for my lips and finger nails. If you want to look sexy, without having to show some skin, leather pants are your go-to.

To be continued.........


Gloomy day: Chunky knit sweater & pencil skirt

Hello everyone! Texas weather has been bizarre and unpredictable lately. We just had icy days, where the city was shut down, and then the temperature was high at 74 degrees all in the same two-week span. (Again this week, the average high is around mid 40’s to the lower 50’s). It is really hard to plan something outdoors as you never know what the weather will decide to do. The day we took these photos, we drove to go pickup breakfast, after deciding we could not get the shots done-since it started to rain (again) in the morning. While at the parking lot, we tried to take some photos since the rain stopped. It was so frigid cold outside and windy but we got the photos. There was no sun and we did the best we could. Anyway, I really love this comfy duo (chunky sweater and stretchy pencil skirt)! The best part-I got this pencil skirt from Zara for $9 (plus tax) ^^



Blending in while standing out : Camouflage pants + graphic tee + blazer


Hope everyone had a great weekend! It was not much of a game at this year’s Super Bowl, but we enjoyed the food and the company.  I have been suffering from allergies so I did not post for almost two weeks. Even major high doses of vitamin C and other concoctions, the allergy/cold defeated me.
This is a casual Monday office outfit. A classic blazer and pumps can easily dress up your simple tee and jeans. For a casual weekend look, try pairing the tee shirt and jeans, with cardigan and flats instead of a blazer and pumps.
Stay chic and be unique

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