Monochromatic Gray: Gray Blazer + Gray Jeans & Tee

Wearing an outfit comprised of one color is actually not that tricky…it is really a no brainer. You can have your outfit in one color, or in all the colors (just play around with the tints, tones, and shades) of a single hue. Today’s outfit is an almost head-to-toe gray ensemble (minus my shoes and bag). I can swap the blazer for a coat-or wear a hoodie underneath the blazer if the weather gets colder.  We are supposed to get a cold front by the end of the week (fingers crossed) just in time for a taste of fall weather. Hope everyone has a great rest of the week, and remember to have a super fun and safe Halloween !!



Jewel Tones: Oxblood Faux Leather Skirt + Teal Blouse

Happy Wednesday everyone! For this outfit, I played around with two deep jewel-tone colors that are marvelous on their own, but really pop when combined. I really wanted to put together colors that really had the feel of autumn, without resorting to the traditional tan, brown, and orange. The outfit by itself looked very tame; so to spice things up a bit I added my favorite pair of BB’s, and this moto jacket to inject a little sass *^_^* (skirt last seen here)



Rainy Morning: Trench Coat & Rain Boots

This Saturday, we took full advantage of our location in downtown Austin (validate my parking-Yes please!) for an impromptu photo shoot after my doctor’s appointment. It rained really hard the whole way there but luckily it stopped right before we got out of the car. The weather was a bit cool so I paired my shorts (last seen here and here) with a sweater layered over my favorite plaid shirt (last seen here and here). Oh, and do not let me forget-thank goodness for my Hunter boots-as they have proven once again to be perfection on a rainy day. It has really been a journey to find a trench coat. My criteria was simple, the coat must not: overwhelm my body, be too pricey (#burberrylust), and must have a classic appearance. This ASOS trench really saved the day by checking every box on my search criteria. Since we just happened to be in the neighborhood, we stopped by Gourdoughs's Big. Fat. Donuts. for an epic treat! If you are ever in Austin, please take the time to try one. Their fried-to-order donuts are thick and fluffy and they are not shy about their toppings. My favorite ones are: Miss Shortcake, which has cream cheese icing with fresh cut strawberries; and Granny’s pie, which has caramel, pecan, banana, & graham cracker (check out the last photo). So imagine something that is lightly crispy outside, while remaining a bit more dense than a normal doughnut. Seriously I am not doing justice to this magical pastry work of art, so you will just have to trust me, or even better yet go get one or two for yourself ^_~ 
Hope you have a great rest of the week!


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