Daring Red: pleather skirt + sweatshirt + red accents

I have been searching for red lipstick for fall a while. I was looking for a vamp (vampire) red lipstick tone. About two weeks ago, my husband and I had to get shopping done for my family (upcoming trip) so we stopped by Sephora (Georgetown, TX). This place is awesome and the staff is so friendly and helpful. My husband got someone to help me with the shopping list, and the girl showed me all different kinds/brands of red lipstick. Finally, I found my match and it is Urban Decay (Revolution Lipstick in Shame). The red of this lipstick is what I was looking for. It is more like oxblood color which is perfect for winter. The girl also introduced me to a Smashbox Representative (who just happened to be in store that day!) and she helped me pick out some good makeup essentials. Their primer and powder work marvelously-I really love them. “Peace-out fine lines!”
These pumps are amazing…it’s like they were designed to make any woman’s feet look great. Since my sweatshirt is loose, I paired it with fitted leather skirt and threw on a red leopard scarf-adding some color to the look (scarf last seen on my Fall shorts post). I am always on the lookout for great red lips, so if you found one you love, please do share*^_^*
Stay chic and be unique!


Complementary combos: Camouflage Jacket + neon yellow sweater & purple bag

I remixed this camo jacket again (last seen First day of fall ) but this time I layered it over my neon yellow sweater (last seen Neon summer ) and kept it simple with a light colored jean-while a statement necklace and pumps added some softness to the whole outfit. I love how the yellow from my sweater, and purple from my bag complement one another. These two colors create the strongest contrast and reinforce each other. There was a time when I used to only wear black, white and gray colors. My husband introduced me to color which changed my life. I think when you wear colors; your mood changes, colors make me happy! If you are scared of colors, I would recommend baby steps. Try wearing your favorite color on accessories, or a simple button down shirt/blouse. Then you can move it on up. I guarantee, you’ll say ‘why shouldn’t have I done that long time ago’.  ^_~
Stay chic and be unique!


“Inspired by InStyle”

I am so excited and wanted to share the news with you guys. I made it in InStyle magazine’s November issue (Inspired by InStyle, Page 72). I sent an email in early September and received follow up that they are considering my submission. However I did not hear anything back after that. (Time passes dream dying then…)Monday night, my husband and I were waiting in line at the grocery store. (Actually I left him waiting in line and I was at the magazine rack ^_~). I picked up InStyle magazine and flipped through pages to see who would be featured in the ‘Inspired by InStyle’ section.  I was so surprised, and extremely excited that I ran straight to my husband. He looked at the page I showed him and gave me a high five. I may have scared a lot of people around us as I was so loud and quivering quite badly. Who would have thought I would be in such a well-known magazine. You never know what could happen if you don’t try…so I did. I am so grateful for my husband who will always be my biggest supporter of anything I do or want to do. He is the one who pushes me to do things I would not have done it myself. I love him for that- and for who he is. Oh, and the best part…we were both so excited that we forgot the meat for dinner at the grocery store! He ended up having to drive back later that night and get another package. Classic.

By the way, here is a link to this outfit post (Fall shorts, also here InStyle's reader of the week). If you are at newsstands, feel free to peek on page 72 (my full name listed on the page: Jinnapak Renwick. However I go by Jinna).
Stay chic and be unique!


Double dose: Chambray shirt, denim jeans & leopard flats

 I had literally 15 minutes to get ready for work (including putting my make-up on) and had no idea what I was going to wear. Wearing denim on denim was what I came up with. Chambray is my best friend and it goes good with pretty much anything. This is just another simple look but with a pop of purple from my purse. Purple has never been my favorite color until one day I started noticing the vivid cheerful different shades of purple on my former co-worker’s clothes. She loves purple so much and she rubbed off on me, I guess. I fell in love with Proenza Schouler’s PS1 one day while I was searching for a casual everyday bag and this Veruca salt PS1 melted my heart. This purple is so unbelievably gorgeous. And here I go again screaming PURPLE……… ^^
By the way, this location is in our neighborhood (First picture is in front of our house).
Stay chic and be unique!


I mean business: peplum + leopard belt + blazer

Each piece in this outfit is wardrobe essential. I mentioned it before that every woman should own peplums as they are figure flattering for all shapes and sizes. I love this peplum so much I bought them in two colors; black and white (see my old post Sweet peplum).  The temperature dropped as the sun faded away so I threw on the blazer. You can change the bottom to trousers, cigarette pants or even a pencil skirt for a more formal look.
Stay chic and be unique!

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