With a chance of rain...: Rain Boots & Camo Utility Jacket

Hello everyone! It has been raining here in Texas so rain boots and an umbrella are wardrobe essentials. Comfortable was my main goal for this outfit so I paired my peplum top with leggings and these comfortable Hunter rain boots. This camo jacket was perfect for the weather. (last seen Complementary Combos) It was supposed to be rainy and cold…however it turned out it was no rain, just cold, cloudy and windy…oh well. Have a great start of your week!!


  1. Lovely hunters! I have the exact same ones plus 3 other pairs. Living in Seattle makes them a must!

    1. I agree. I really adore them -they are so comfortable and fashionable! ^_^
      Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. I was hesitent when i tried my first pair if rain boots would be comfortable but these blew me away! Same Nordys saleslady has sold me all 4 and i will be getting a 5th pair this winter :) thanks for replying! If you are interested i have a ton of cute dress ideas if youd like to see some?


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