Summer Charm: Full Midi Skirt & Pink Gingham Shirt

Hi everyone!! If you haven't noticed, my outfit posts have been featuring quite a bit of gingham currently; (here, here,and here). I did not think much about this design until recently, but now I am like--how could I have overlooked this? This pattern (in any color) is fun and versatile. Lately button-downs are just speaking to me, and I am loving what they have to say ^_~                                                                  Have a great day!


Polka Dots & Sunshine: Polka Dot Blouse & Polka Dot Shorts + Straw Oxfords

Today's outfit post is all about black & white in the summertime (who says you cannot wear dark colors during the extreme heat right...LOL). I've been into pattern on pattern outfits lately (latest post, HERE and via Instagram, HERE). You can definitely pair a top & bottom with the same pattern, go for different patterns within a similar color scheme; or just play around with it and see whatever floats your boat ^_^ Did you all realize that fall is right around the corner (3 months really is not that far away)? I flipped through quite a few magazines lately and saw all these designer's fall collections and I'm so excited (I just love that time of the year), how about you?


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