My First Chanel Classic Flap Bag.....❤

This post is intended to share my excitement, and the journey of how I got this iconic bag with all of you. I am officially the proud owner of a Chanel medium Classic flap bag. My husband got the bag for me as an early (2 years early actually) 10th Anniversary present-and the reason he decided to do it now was because of the price. If you had your eye on a Chanel flap bag for awhile then you would know that the price keeps going up every year. Last year I randomly found a bag forum that talked about reasons why you should own this iconic bag. One of the reasons is Chanel has a wait list for their classic bags (which I did not know before)…I could not believe it! After reading the article, my husband started to call Neiman Marcus and Chanel boutiques and it’s sure enough Chanel’s wait list does exist. I was 3rd on Neiman Marcus wait list and 2nd on the Chanel boutique in Dallas. You could be waiting for months or years depending on how many bags get shipped in at a time. Even if a classic bag does come in, there is no promise that it will be in the material, or if it will have the hardware color you are hoping for. Thanks to my husband who has never given up on anything easily, he called every Chanel boutique possible. Finally two weeks ago, he called the Chanel boutique in New York (57th Street) and was advised to call the boutique in Houston. Luckily and surprisingly, they have a couple of medium classic flap bags in quilted lambskin with gold hardware. My dream bag was only two and a half hours drive away from me! The boutique would not sell, or hold the bag over the phone (Corporate policy when dealing with the classics) so we had to drive to get the bag, not knowing whether they would be sold by the time we arrived or not. However, we did make it and were the first ones when the store door flung open.  I have not had a chance to wear it yet because it has been raining and let me tell you the truth I’m so nervous to wear it out. I’m still debating whether it will be my daily use bag or a “special occasion” kind of bag.  All in all, I it! Do it, go out and get one (when you're ready). You won't regret it and might have a hard time taking your eyes off it.
By the way, I put together the bag, the pearls, the camellia, and my husband grandmother's brooch for the first photo of this post as I wanted to give it a timeless feel.


  1. Congrats on the bag! It is so beautiful and definitely a classic. Don't save it for special occasions, life is too short, enjoy it every single day!


  2. Happy you :)
    Love this bag ... it is my dream :)


  3. It's a beautiful bag! I hope I will make a purchase soon! X



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