Shades of Green: Neon Green top & Teal Midi Skirt

This week has mercifully gone by quite fast (I'm glad), hope you all are having a great week so far! Today's outfit is all about colors (in the same hue and different scheme). I love color however I  am always attracted to darker color and neutral clothes whenever it comes to shopping (old habit). I try to do better, and here I am wearing a neon green color blouse with red lipstick (why not). Do whatever makes you feel good, life is too short!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead ^_^ 

Click on labels below to see how I restyle each piece.


70's Vibe: Silky Long Sleeve Blouse & Denim Skirt

Hello there! 70's inspiration has been infused into fashion this year and trend continues into fall. I'm personally not overly fond of clothes in this era--however I can get behind this A-line denim skirt (which certainly reminds me of this period); it is quite versatile and you can dress-it-up or down with anything. I wanted to play on the 70's feel so I styled the skirt with this taupe blouse and accessorized with these retro sunglasses and a vintage ring. To keep it current, I opted for leopard pumps instead of platform sandals. Hope you all have a great rest of the week! ^_~ 

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