Dark Floral: Flowy Dark Floral Dress + Moto Jacket + Booties

Today's look is all about how to style a summer dress in winter! I wore this Old Navy dress by itself before fall and it was just perfect, however as the temperature drops the thin cotton dress alone will not cut it. Therefore I paired it with a moto jacket, tights and booties for a simple winter layered look. This moto jacket is from Forever 21 and it is so soft and affordable.  Actually, my faux leather jacket collection is all from Forever 21 (less than $40, you can't beat that) and they look as great as the designer or expensive options.
By the way, I threw in my selfie wearing contact lenses from Air Optix Colors in pure hazel as the last picture.  They look natural (my eye color is brown) and are comfortable if you are looking for fun colored lenses for a special day or event; as these are one-day contact lenses. Hope you have a great week!

PS. These photos were taken by an iPhone, not my DSLR camera. ;) Check out my daily looks via Instagram at style_and_cappuccino


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