Basic: Oxford Shirt + Leather Pants + Leopard Pumps

Hello everyone! Today's outfit has all the basic closet essentials; an oxford shirt, leather pants, and of course, leopard pumps. I felt like wearing them all together so here you go, a truly "basic" outfit.These leopard pumps are the newest addition to my shoe collection. I have been searching for the perfect leopard pumps forever (pattern, heel height, and price are my main criteria) and I had my eyes on these J.Crew Elsie Calf Hair, in Leopard for months. Until last November I scoured countless websites until (during the Black Friday sale), I stumbled across reviews on other fashion blogs (Easy Petite Looks and Extra Petite) about these gorgeous pumps; I decided to buy them, and you know what-no regrets! They are really good shoes, and the fact that I got them on sale, just makes it even better. ^_~  Hope everyone has a great rest of the week

Leather pants (seen here)


  1. Wonderful outfit, simple but chic!

    xx Anna and Christel <3 it takes 2 to fashion
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  2. You look great Gina. I want the pants, the bag, the shoes too. Lol. http://fashionablyidu.blogspot.com/

  3. Absolutely flawless! I love this outfit to death! Reminds me a bit of Brittany Murphy in the movie just married! Those heels and leather pants are so classy! You're so gorgeous! Tweet me figjamlifestyle


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