Ladylike Details: Crop Top & Midi Skirt

My husband and I were busy with spring cleaning and house renovations and barely had time to do anything else. Finally we got it done and I do not plan to do any cleaning for another six months (not really). You might remember this crop top from a previous post (Lilac). This time I styled it with a midi-skirt and nude pumps for a more classic and ladylike look. Also, rocking mix & match earrings, a cool new trend I adore. It is hard to see in the photo-but I wore a pearl earring on the right, and a diamond stud earring on the left. My favorite color is purple (any shade of purple) so I thought it would be nice to wear lipstick in a shade that accentuates my top. Playing around with my lipsticks, I came up with my own concoction of radiant orchid that I’m so in love right at the moment. In order to get this shade, I mixed Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Shame (80%) and Stila liquid lipstick in Petal (20%). My secret of saving cost on lipstick is to mix your own shades. Currently, I only own four (dark red, red, pink, orange and nude colors) but I am always wearing just the right color to accent any outfit ^_^


  1. Such a classy look! Love that top.
    Glad you got all that cleaning done.
    Have a great week-end.


    1. Oh boy, I'm more than happy we got the cleaning and fixing done. It was no joke, but I feel much stronger now after lifting 10 bags of 35 lbs mulch ^^ Have a fab weekend, Pia!


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