Gloomy day: Chunky knit sweater & pencil skirt

Hello everyone! Texas weather has been bizarre and unpredictable lately. We just had icy days, where the city was shut down, and then the temperature was high at 74 degrees all in the same two-week span. (Again this week, the average high is around mid 40’s to the lower 50’s). It is really hard to plan something outdoors as you never know what the weather will decide to do. The day we took these photos, we drove to go pickup breakfast, after deciding we could not get the shots done-since it started to rain (again) in the morning. While at the parking lot, we tried to take some photos since the rain stopped. It was so frigid cold outside and windy but we got the photos. There was no sun and we did the best we could. Anyway, I really love this comfy duo (chunky sweater and stretchy pencil skirt)! The best part-I got this pencil skirt from Zara for $9 (plus tax) ^^



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  2. Love the floral skirt and purple bag! Following you now on G+ Circles and Google Friend Connect. Hope you can follow us back :)


  3. Love this chunky sweater! I hear ya about the weather, although yours sounds much better than ours. It just wont stop snowing here! Can't wait for spring/summer.
    Stay warm.


    1. I'm over the cold temperatures and ready for warm weather too!! Cannot wait for less layers of clothes ^^


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