Burgundy Autumn : Plaid shirt + burgundy sweater + striped skirt

I love this unexpected pairing of plaid and stripes. It looks so fresh and urban chic with a layer of burgundy sweater accentuated by the gold metal buttons on the shoulder. I am currently in love with these Macy’s brands (INC and Style & Co.) pumps as they are so comfortable and do their job at making my legs look an inch longer. You cannot beat affordable price plus comfort, right? I had knee surgery five years ago, but my knees have never been the same since, so I had to find shoes that would not hurt my knee instantly ( I’m sure they will eventually, but I do not wear heels every day though. I love them and cannot help it). Believe it or not, good heels with a bit of support/cushion are better than those flat flats with no support.  

Stay chic and be unique!

1 comment:

  1. Love the pattern mix. I am wearing burgundy today as well. Such a great fall colour. Also loving that clutch.



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